The Western Realms

A Brief Overview of the Western Realms

The Western Realms lie in the lands between the Mountains of Mourning on the East, and the Lachrymose Sea to the West. They currently consist of a myriad of Duchies, Baronies, small Kingdoms, and other such organizations, with stretches of wilderness between and within them. Many are primarily populated by a single race, while others have a well-mixed population.

Many years ago, the Realms were brought together to fight a great peril pushing it’s way over the Mountains of Mourning. The Lord Farrindel led the forces of his homeland with great skill, and was also able to bring the best out of the squabbling nobles. Many battles were fought, and the forces of the Western Realms were not always victorious. But after many years of fighting, the casting of great Magics, and the invocations of powerful deities, they managed to drive the attackers back into the mountains despite the great losses of men, and after a few more years the attacks ceased.

Lord Farrindel was acclaimed High King by the assembled troops and nobles, and he declared that he would build his capitol at the site of a major battle, a river valley on the edge of the foothils. He re-named it the Vale of Tears in respect for the honored dead buried on the slopes, and built The Citadel to watch over the mountain passes to the East.

Now The Citadel is a crumbling, barely-habited edifice, and the Realms have again fallen to fighting among themselves for power.

Realms of Interest

Barony of Fairview
The Great Plains
Mberimbe’s Cauldron
Vale of Tears
The Wyldlands

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The Western Realms

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