The Church of Gavreaux

The Church of the Ascended St. Elora de Gavreaux


  • High Concept: Peace and Prosperity Through Order
  • Trouble: Dogma Without Soul


The Ascendancy of St. Elora and the Founding of the Church

In the waning days of The War of the Magi the afflicted populace of Auverdine cried out for a savior to free them from the bloody conflict of The Great Houses. A young lowborn woman rose up as a defender of the people: Elora de Gavreaux. She led The Resistance against the Houses, freeing the people from tyranny and avarice. In retaliation for her defiance, the surviving Houses plotted her demise. On the eve of the battle that would end up deciding the war, Elora de Gavreaux was killed by a magic ritual of the most vile darkness. The hope of the people died with her.

The next morning, the surviving Archmagi (of House Cruyer and House Denais) gathered the leaders of The Resistance together for a public execution. As the golden light of dawn stretched over the assembled masses, the spirit of Elora de Gavreaux appeared and descended upon the House magi. Wings of light carried the apparition across the battlefield and each and every living member of the present Houses were immolated on the spot.

The leaders of The Resistance convened at once. After three days of deliberation, the newly christened Council of Witnesses canonized Elora de Gavreaux and the Church of Gavreaux was founded.

The Church of Gavreaux

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