Non-Canon Warforged Lore

Warforged Lore

This is a basic concept of what a Warforged is, based on the original mythology from the D&D campaign setting that originated them. This “Lore” is not canon for our campaign, but rather source material to build canon more appropriate to the world we’re creating, as well as a contextual reference for the group to understand the gist of what I’m talking about when I say “I’m a warforged warrior.”

Excerpt from “Annals of The Arcanist Wars: Warforged and The Lost Nation of Cyre”

Born in the secretive Creation Forges of House Cannith, Warforged were designed for a singular purpose: to be the perfect soldier. Their bodies were constructed of metal, stone, and living wood; they had no need for food or sleep; and each was created with the combat knowledge and experience of a veteran warrior.

The arcane and alchemical processes that created the Warforged were more effective than even the Cannith artificers could imagine. Warforged could think, could reason, and could learn. But it was their soul that truly set them apart from the crude battle golems that had preceded them.

Regiments of Warforged worked with uncanny precision and coordination and were unstoppable on the battlefield. In short order it appeared like the Cyran Arcane Congress was going to put a decisive end to The Arcanist Wars.

Then The Mourning came. Metrol, the seat of House Cannith and the center of power of the Cyran Arcane Congress, was obliterated in a magical cataclysm of unknown origin. Within hours the entire nation of Cyre was blanketed in a roiling mist. Cut off from the arcanostrategists of the Arcane Congress, Cyre’s armies and its elite Warforged troops were quickly overwhelmed within a matter of hours. By nightfall, a roiling mist had blanketed the entire nation of Cyre.

From that day forward the nation of Cyre was lost; hidden by The Mists and deadly magic. Very little has survived to the present day. The noble bloodlines were erased; any refugees have long since passed into memory. Occasionally a piece of old Cyre surfaces, fetching extravagant sums from collectors and historians. Expeditions beyond the Mists to the ruins of old Cyre are known to be as dangerous as they are profitable.

Non-Canon Warforged Lore

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