Weapons and Armor


Weapon 0
Melee: unarmed; standard shield
Ranged: Thrown rock or stick

Weapon 1
Melee: Knife, club, whip, reinforced/spiked shield
Ranged: Thrown knife, light bow

Weapon 2
Melee: 1 handed axe, mace, or sword; spear, staff
Ranged: Standard bow, sling; thrown javelin or spear

Weapon 3
Melee: 2 handed axe, mace, or sword; Polearm
Ranged: Heavy bow, staff sling; javelin with spear-thrower


Armor 1
Aspects: Supple, Light
Primarily Leather; may include a shield

Armor 2
Aspects: Flexible, Conductive
Chain or leather with metal reinforcement; may include a metal helm and/or a shield

Armor 3
Aspects: Conductive, Heavy
Some plate with chain mail covering the rest; may include a shield

Weapons and Armor

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