The Great Plains

The Great Plaines stretch from the frozen wastes to the north, to the forests of the south, and from the eastern sea, to the fire-mountains of Kalesh. The plains are harsh and unforgiving. Only the hardiest of grasses and plants survive there – trees are scattered, but when found are thick, tough boughed, and home to many creatures. The grasses average waist to chest high, except where cropped by Thunder-Beast grazing. There are ponds, lakes, creeks, etc. everywhere, though they are difficult to find because of the grasses.

The plains form part of the Northern border of the Western Realms, and stretch to the East beyond, north of the Eastern Mountains, but no less a barrier to those unprepared to travel the harsh grasslands.

There are many animals making a home on the Plains, but most notable are the Thunder-Beasts. Named for the rumble they make when the herd is in motion, Thunder Beasts are great mountains of flesh, with thick legs, like trees, to walk upon, long, tough hair covering their bodies, and massive tusks to defend themselves.

Also notable, are the Plains Horse. Tall, strong, and independent. Coveted the world over as the best horses, they are also the most difficult to catch, and tame.

The people of the Plains are nomads, who follow the herds of Thunder-Beasts as they roam across the land. There are about 30 large Tribes of Nomads at any given time – often splitting, and combining as needed. Most are horse-people, and the most reliable source for tamed Plains Horses.

Great Plains Tribes

High Concept

Horse Riding, Nomadic Hunter-Gatherers




Animistic religious tradition, largely populated by animal spirits with cults formed around archetypal spirit-gods of each of the animals that populate the plaines. So various tribes will primarily follow Thunder-Beast, Wind-Cat, Bouncing-Deer, etc. though many tribes follow Horse, and even tribes that do not, will have many Horse Cult followers.

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The Great Plains

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