Thalios the Pure

Thalios the Pure represents all that is True, Clean, and Uncorrupted. His adversary, Malic works to bring corruption, strife, disease and other evils into the world. Thalios, for all that he is spoken of as male, is considered a ‘pure being’ – almost an abstract. Monks spend years trying to understand him. Those considered Saints are thought to have glimpsed some of the Truth of his being. Malic on the other hand, is represented as a poor man – a wanderer who stirs up trouble wherever he goes. He spreads disease, causes riots and rebellions.

The Church is very hierarchical – Under the High Priest (who is also the King of Pymanria – the center of Thalios worship), there are arch-bishops, bishops, etc. down to parish priests. There are convents of Nuns, and Monasteries of monks. It is the Church’s job to keep the people ‘pure’ – this means free of disease, so the church maintains hospitals run by one of 3 orders of monastic Healers. Pure also means clean and free of disease. So the Church helps the poor, preaches cleanliness, etc. Pure also means calm, ordered, and secure – so the Church denounces that which may cause widespread disturbances – from civil strife, and domestic violence to influences that may inspire a desire to change.

To do all this, the Church tithes heavily – not to impoverish its followers, but to keep them from being impoverished. Tithes often take the form of goods, services, etc. for the Church. Those who come to the Church with needs to be filled are fed and clothes, but the Church will also ask them to work on Church tasks for this.

Church of Thalios the Pure

The Symbol of the Church is a 4 pointed star, with the vertical points being longer then the horizontal.

High Concept

Mediaeval Church, with deity representing Truth, Cleanliness, Order


The best place to hide corruption, is within those charged with seeking it out.

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Thalios the Pure

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