Pymanaria is a large Kingdom nestled up against the Eastern Mountains. The Capital City, Pymani, is at the joining of the Moln and Pym Rivers – both fed from mountain streams.

Pymanaria is civilized, and has always been prepared to defend its territory – its cities are walled, the roads patrolled, and the Army relatively un-corrupt, and well maintained.The people have a fairly high standard of living – even the poorest has clothes and regular meals – generally provided by the Church, in exchange for small tasks. While the poor are in reletive good shape, there are very few that could be called rich. This is because, between the Taxes levied by the King to maintain the Army, Roads, etc. and the Tithes required by the Church, any income is fairly leveled out.

This is a very quiet, boring country – rarely any trouble, except from outside. Foreigners are carefully watched, less they are followers of Malic, here to cause trouble. It is the job of the Margraves (Dukes holding lands on the Borders) and their people to keep touble from outside – outside.

Kingdom of Pymanaria

High Concept

Early ‘European’ Medieval society




Pymanaria has a State-Mandated worship of Thalios the Pure, and all major cities have at least one major cathedral, as well as many small, local churches. While the church has its own hierarchy, the King is considered ‘High Priest and Protector of the Faith’.
There is also scattered worship of ‘the old gods’, mostly by old folke in very rural areas.

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