Kitiara Silkin

Catfolk Elemental Mage


High Concept – Catfolk Elemental Mage
Trouble – Curiosity Extreme, But Luck More Extreme
Aspects – Elemental Katas in Balance
More Civilized than She Appears
Keeper of Father’s Boat Whistle (carved and fired Obsidian)

4 – Magick, Will
3 – Athletics, Notice
2 – Fight, Lore, Stealth
1 – Boat, Investigate, Physique, Resources, Ride

Magick Spheres – Air, Earth, Fire
Never Unarmed (Bite and Claws)
Carved Fired Obsidian Boat Whistle (+1 focus)

Purpose – Working for her realm’s pantheon the High Council while completing her journeyman travels; Carries her father’s boat whistle

Pantheon – WindLady(Moon) and her mate BrightStar (Sun)


High journeyman of the Wild Winds Mage School; Catfolk of the Akrya (western island realm) where the WindLady (Moon) and the BrightStar (Sun) worshippers thrive.

Kitiara Silkin

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