Living Relic of The War of the Magi


High Concept

Warforged Shieldsworn of St. Elora


Living Relic of The War of the Magi

Other Aspects

  • “The greatest virtue is the will to act.”
  • Massive
  • Shield for the Shieldless


Archetype (Tank)

Skill Tree (25/25 pts)

Great (+4, 4 pts): Fight

Good (+3, 9 pts): Athletics, Physique, Will

Fair (+2, 8 pts): Lore, Magick (Runic), Provoke, Shoot

Average (+1, 4 pts): Crafts, Investigate, Notice, Stealth


  • Defensive Formation (-1): Get a bonus when setting up Blocks
  • The Best Defense Is A Really Big Shield (-1): Use Fight for Defense against ranged attacks
  • Living Construct (-2): Inhuman Toughness, Inhuman Recovery from Dresden Files, Catch (Fire)

Runic Magick

  • Ritual based
  • Focused on artifice


  • Broad Sword (Weapon: 2)
  • Composite Plating (Armor: 3)

A sentient, living construct created by the artificers of House Cruyer in preparation for The War of the Magi. Bulwark was conscripted by The Church of Gavreaux at the end of the war and has served as bodyguard to the Office of the High Confessor ever since.

First Adventure

When High Confessor Marcel Funebris is murdered while under his protection, will Bulwark find the assassin responsible before he himself is found guilty of the crime?

Drawn by the violent portal magic wielded by the assassins, Alaric comes to Bulwark’s aid and helps him track down those responsible.

The Assistant Regional Council Prelate is poisoned suddenly. While Bulwark and Alaric confront the assassins responsible for the recent string of murders, Stephen’s character comes to the aid of the Prelate and uses his magic to draw out the poison.

Non-Canon Warforged Lore


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