The Council

The Council formed from members of many faiths and philosphies, who were determined to help the people of the Western Realms suffering from natural catastrophes, wars, and magickal attacks and disasters (sort of like the Red Cross). Rumor has it that at some point, when several of the people who regularly helped clean up magickal messes were together, one of them said “If only there were something we could do to prevent these things from happening in the first place!” And thus the Council Operatives were created.

The council does not have a large body of troops; instead they work through small teams of talented Operatives. These teams are given wide latitude in how they investigate and resolve the issues they are assigned, but they are answerable to the Council for their methods and results.

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The Council is a body of proactive people, with common concerns. These concerns may directly tie in to the Current Issue and Looming Threat of this campaign. I would at the very least expect the player characters to have strong ties to the council. If at all possible, i would like at least some PCs to be members of the council.

Here are some suggestions about what the Council could be. I welcome additional items, or copying an existing item with changes and/or additional details

  • The remnants of the old Imperial Council, with little real power remaining
  • An unofficial group pulled together by a few politically-savvy leaders
  • A body of representatives to deal with Guild and Trade issues between the Realms, who clearly see the problems
  • A secret society dedicated to the protection of all the Realms

Larry: How about if we are a group of troubleshooters working for the council? If we do that, I like #1 & #4 for our ‘leadership’…

From Linda: she likes a variant of #4, where the goal of the Council is to ensure that no one ruler has power over all the realms

The Council

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