Pronounced: sfeh-SEE-lay

Mother of the Bhekinkosi
Consort of Mberimbe

Sphesihle is an oracular, monstrous spider said to live deep within the silken tunnels of Nosakhele, beneath the bubbling waters of Mberimbe’s Cauldron. According to the Bhekinkosi, she resembles an enormous tarantula, and has the size and strength to snatch dragons from the air – and then devour them.

She is the near-immortal consort of the god Mberimbe, who charged her to provide for his people. She provides her offspring, her silk, and flakes of her chitinous hide to her tenders. The Bhekinkosi say that without these gifts they would be swallowed up by the swamps.

Sphesihle’s tenders walk softly to avoid disturbing her meditations, in which they say her spirit monitors the strands on the web of Fate itself. She awakens annually to lay her eggs (fertilized my Mberimbe), and after spinning the egg sac, she shares cryptic wisdom with the priests to guide them over the next year.

When Sphesihle senses calamity on the horizon, she awakens prematurely, and asks for willing sacrifices from among the Bhekinkosi. Each “sacrifice” must renounce their former life and accept a geas placed by Sphesihle, submitting their will to hers.


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