Mberimbe's Cauldron

Primordial cauldron of mutation and magic


Mberimbe’s Cauldron is a swamp filled with viscous waters that appear to boil as hallucinogenic gases bubble up from plants living in its murky, seemingly bottomless depths. Giant mangroves tower hundreds of feet above the water’s surface, and their drooping branches cast the swamps in a perpetual twilight.

The entire region is surrounded by obsidian cliffs reaching miles above the treeline, and only a few switchback trails provide passage in or out. Water from the kingdoms’ largest above-ground waterfall tumbles endlessly into the swamps below, though how water leaves the crater is unclear.

The Cauldron is home to a terrifying variety of enormous, unnatural beasts, which the native Bhekinkosi refer to as chimera. Some say these are byblows of failed magical experiments, while others say they were once normal creatures mutated by the unstable, wild magics that permeate the swamp. It’s worth noting that the natives do not call the giant spiders “chimera.” Our guide also told us that it is safe to eat the spiders (which range from the size of a large boar to the size of a large home), but the flesh of chimera should be considered poisonous.

Notable Features, Flora and Fauna

  • Giant Mangrove trees
  • Mysterious aquatic plants that produce hallucinogenic gases
  • A menagerie of unstable, deadly chimera
  • Giant, tarantula-like spiders
  • The Bhekinkosi, the Cauldron’s native people
  • Sphesihle, Mberimbe’s consort
  • Nosakhele, The Silken City

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Mberimbe's Cauldron

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