Pronounced: behr-IM-bay

Survival through adaptation

Mberimbe is the god of transmogrification and wild, untamed magic. He is the patron of monstrous creatures, alchemists, and moths. He favors those who willingly endure the pain of self-transformation (internal or external) to survive, and he despises those whose will is overcome by transformation, such as chimera, most lycanthropes, and the undead.

His consort is the monstrous spider Sphesihle, who provides for his people, the Bhekinkosi, from her lair deep within Nosakhele, a silken city suspended beneath the waters of Mberimbe’s Cauldron.

His priests and priestess can channel his power to dramatic effect, allowing them to reshape, evolve or mutate that which is or was once alive (such as flesh, bone, or wood).

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