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Notes from the GM (Jay)

Overall, I would like to set the scope at Small/Medium; that is, the threats and the actions of the players will affect dozens to thousands of people, but not entire worlds.

I am open to any setting that we all agree upon, but I request that we strive for the following:

  1. there is a reasonable consistency in the setting elements,
  2. the player characters are part of a cohesive group (which strongly suggests to me that they all have some relationship with the same organization),
  3. the player characters have strong ties to the setting

Finally, I propose the following:

  • Pseudo-medieval technology (no gunpowder, industrialization, or electricity)
  • Magic exists, but:
    • Magic is not needed to be effective
    • Magic has limitations,
    • Magic can be very powerful, but it is dangerous to the wielder in proportion to the power (for both PC and NPCs)

Suppose we set the characters’ home base in the lands between the Mountains of Mourning on the East, and the Lachrymose Sea to the West.

I suggest that it currently consists of a myriad of Realms, Duchies, and small Kingdoms; many primarily of a single race, with stretches of wilderness between and within them.

And if we go with this, their Old Capitol City may lie in the Vale of Tears.

So there are politics and trade between the realms, and among the nobles within them.

I like the concept of active gods, but one idea I would like to suggest is “The gods affect the material world through their followers.”

Most of the time, the gods cannot cast lightning bolts from a clear sky to smite the wicked. They must work in small and subtle ways to achieve their goals if they do not have the cooperation of someone in the material world.

Mechanical Specifications

Using the Fate Core rules, all characters start with 7 Refresh (up to 6 usable) and 25 skill points. The skill point cap remains 4 at start, and start with a pyramid, then add up to 5 more points in skills. Some of your starting skill points may be reserved for later use.

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