Qavros, Rider of Cembre

Life-Bound Hron'l Rider of the Planes.


Qavros, Companion of Cembre

High Concept

Blessed by the Great Hron’l Spirit.


The life of a plains nomad is simple


  • Life Bound to Cembre
  • Think First, then Shoot…
  • That reminds me of a Story…


5 – Shoot
4 – Ride
3 – Will, Athletics
2 – Magic, Notice, Stealth, Physique
1 – Provoke, Fight, Crafting, Investigate

Weapons & Armor

  • Short Bow (Weapon 2) – Compound Recurve made from bone, wood, and sinew. Flint Arrowheads.
  • Knife (Weapon 1) – Bone, Leather, and Steel.
  • Warrior’s Shirt (Armor 1, Armor 2 vs. Arrows) – Woven from the hair of Thunder Beasts, designed to snag arrows.


  • (+1) Trick Ride – +2 to Athletics when performing an action riding, or related to riding (mounting on run, leaping from one running mount to another, etc)
  • (+1) Mounted Archer – +2 to Shoot when riding a running mount.
  • (+1) Freedom (Magic Sphere) – The Great Hron’l Spirit detests imprisonment, and will lend his magic to overcome any form of bondage.
    • Usually used to place aspects on items, places, scenes, to allow escape.
    • Can be used to defend vs. Binding magic
    • MUST be within ‘whistling distance’ of Cembre to use.
  • Remaining Refresh: 5



High Concept: Scion of the Great Hron’l Spirit

Trouble: LifeBound to Qavros

Aspect: Escape Artist

4 – Athletics
3 – Notice
2 – Fight
1 – Physique

Stunt: Outrun the Wind (+2 Athletics when running)

Cembre is a Hron’l Bird – A large, omnivorous, flightless bird. They have long, sharp beaks used to pull small animals, usually rodents, from hiding holes in the ground, and for defense. They have sharp eyesight and hearing, but a poor sense of smell. They are very intelligent, but are generally considered un-trainable, as they have a knack for escaping their captors. Some few Hron’l will choose a rider, however, and become joined with them.
The males have colorful tail feathers that are spectacular when fanned out.

Quick Bio

Born to the Tribe of Ran, to the Clan of the Clouds of Fury, Qavros’ early life was that of most of the plains nomads – following the herds of the great Thunder-Beasts, harvesting a few so that the Tribe may survive.

But his life changed forever during his Great Hunt, when he became a Man. Cembre came to him – one of the Wild Hron’l Birds of the Plains, those rare creatures that are untamable, and are only ridden by those they Choose.

On return to the tribe with Cimbre, there was a great celebration, and Qavros was sent to the Clan Chief to train with the other Chosen – all great leaders of The People have been Chosen.
Together, Cembre and Qavros venerate the Great Hron’l Spirit, who is the North Wind, and the essence of Freedom.

Qavros and Cimbre can communicate, but not in words. By concentrating (and succeeding on a Magic roll) Qavros can communicate with Cembre mentally – ask simple questions (getting an answer), ask him to do something, or get Cembre’s impressions, needs, etc.
This is a minor-mse magic based on the ‘blessed’ high concept and life bound aspects.
Also, this binding means that Qavros and Cimbre share a Mental Stress track – as well as all Mental consequences, and Mental Stress track is the greater of the two of us


Qavros, Rider of Cembre

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