Brother Festis

Monk trained in Martial Arts


Brother Festis, of the Order of St. Armin

High Concept

Martial-Arts trained Monk on Walkabout.


Naive about the ways of the world


4 – Lore, Fight
3 – Notice, Athletics
2 – Will, Rapport, Physique
1 – Empathy, Investigate, Crafts, Provoke

Quick Bio

Festis entered monastic life as a young man. Having lost his family, and being too young to work for himself, the church of Thalios the Pure encouraged him to serve the church in some way – as a priest, or in one of the Monasteries.
Since then, he has trained in Thalian philosophy, and the principles of pure, ordered combat, as conceved by St. Armin.

Having achieved sufficient skill, his teachers decided he should spend 2 years in the world. He should then return, and report on the current flaws in the combat technique, as a pure combat form. It was thought that one of the council teams would be idea, as it would expose young Festis to a wider range of Malic’s troubles, thus providing better opportunity to practice his technique.


Brother Festis

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