A vengeful temperament juxtaposed with naive curiosity for a new world.


High Concept

  • Spirit Summoner of Selvineh


  • Searching for Siblings


  • Warden of the Wyldlands
  • To serve a single purpose
  • Thrill of the hunt

4 – Will, Magick
3 – Athletics, Lore
2 – Investigate, Fight, Contacts
1 – Ride, Physique, Stealth, Provoke, Empathy

Weapons and Armor
Living Branch of the Forest (Bo Staff) Focus 1 , Weapon 2
Ironwood Scale Armor 2 Flexible, Flammable


  • Summon Spirits (Nature Sphere) _ No Metal armor or Weapons_
  • Living Branch of the Forest (Bo Staff) Focus 1 , Weapon 2
Alaric awoke from the dream three years ago, a wrathful spirit of the forest. His sole purpose to seek out and destroy the perceived threat to the forest. With little more than vague awareness of the world he struck out to learn, discover, and improve his hunter skills. Able to pull from the collective conscious Alaric made his way to the council, harbinger of an unknown evil. Taking an honorary role in one of the council groups. Alaric began his search for the forest threat. While investigating the loss of several trade caravans, Alaric encountered a group of Pymanarian rebels led by a powerful pyromancer. Further complicating the issue, Alaric stumbles onto the body of an Auverdine, a member of the Merchant Audit Authority. Zamani determined that the wounds could only be caused by a saber cat, pointing to Northern assistance for the rebel group. Qavros, explained that like the spirit of the cat, which they revere, the northerners would abandon the chase if it proved to be more trouble than it was worth. Taking the information in hand, the council group tracked down the northern assistance groups, hitting them hard. Shortly after, the northerners withdrew their troops and support. Without their supply line, the rebel organization quickly turned on its leader and disbanded.


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